Buying, Selling, and Shipping



Trivestors is a in-house logistic management that provides our clients international shipping services to safely and on-time delivery of products.

We are able to serve any distribution and/or shipment of products because of in-house expertise in finance, logistic, regulation, transportation, and commodities and product trade for shipping cargoes worldwide by air, land and sea transportation. Its multi-million dollars of international operations are involved in cements, fertilizer (nitrogen urea and organic), food and beverage products (canned, dried, frozen and fresh: fruits, juices, liquors/wines, meats, nuts, seafoods, spices/herbs, sugars, vegetables, and grains-corn, rice, wheat, etc.), industrial products (construction equipment, furniture, machine and vehicle), metals (aluminum, copper, gold, iron/steel, nickel, silver, zinc, etc.), minerals (diamond, gem, and sulphate), oil/fuel (crude, diesel and ethanol), and consumer goods (cell phone, computer, cloth, DVR, generator, solar energy panel, telephone, and textile material).

​All of our transportation vehicles are fully insured and often 110% insured for product shipments by well-respected companies (i.e., ACE, FedEx, Hartford and UPS insurance companies). The products and transportation vehicles (cargo ships, airplanes, trains, and trucks) are inspected and maintained worldwide and reviewed by our management and authorized personnel at on-site ports and storage facilities.

NOTE: Necessary proof of documentations and references of our shipping operations are available to qualified clients. For more information, please refer to Procedure and Policy in Buy-Sell Orders at Products & Shipments.