Buying, Selling, and Shipping

Trivestors has been buying, selling and shipping commodity and consumer products since 2007. We are able to service any distribution and/or shipment of products because of in-house expertise in finance, logistic, regulation, transportation, and commodities and product trade for shipping cargo worldwide by air, land, and sea transportation. Its multi-million dollars of international operations are involved in cements, fertilizer (nitrogen urea and organic), food and beverage products (canned, dried, frozen and fresh: fruits, juices, liquors/wines, meats, nuts, seafoods, spices/herbs, sugars, vegetables, and grains-corn, rice, wheat, etc.), industrial products (construction equipment, furniture, machine and vehicle), metals (aluminum, copper, gold, iron/steel, nickel, silver, zinc, etc.), minerals (diamond, gem, and sulphate), oil/fuel (crude, diesel and ethanol), and consumer goods (cell phone, computer, clothes, DVR, generator, solar energy panel, telephone, and textile material).

In 1997, we were  We are a principal buyer, seller, and shipper of commodity and consumer products global supply chain manager and distributor of agricultural, electronics, and energy products, metals and minerals, and a service provider.

In 2007, Trivestors officially registered in the State of Florida because of its main shipping operations at Port of Miami, Florida USA and with the belief that urbanization would drive demand for the products and services that we could provide to distributors and consumers. 

Today, we are continue to be a principal buyer, seller, and shipper of commodity and consumer products with our main shipping ports in Miami and Tamp Bay, Florida USA.

Our mission is to give and supply the needs of today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. We believe in giving the best possible quality products for the best possible price to distributors and consumers. Our investments focus on key stages of the supply chain to create and extract additional value, manage risk, and secure long-term flows of products and information, continuing to strategically plan for better service to our employees, companies, communities and, most important, consumers.  

Our vision is to provide superior commodity and consumer products in the Caribbean, North America, South America, Africa and other regions while growing long-term value for our shareholders.

Trivestors is committed to building sustainable product flows of commodities and consumer products that generate long-term value and equity returns. We manage a diverse and diversified portfolio of agricultural, energy and hard commodity products supported by integrated sourcing, marketing, processing, financing, and transportation operations. We have developed industry-leading expertise in managing the risks that are inherent to our business. Our competitive strengths, together with our long-term strategy and our ability to adapt and retain flexibility, continue to position Trivestors as an industry-leading global participant of today and the future.

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