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​​Trivestors is the principal company in Miami, Florida, that is buying, selling, and shipping commodity and consumer products from its main shipping ports at Miami and Tamp Bay, Florida USA to countries in North America, South America, Central America, West Coast Africa, and Caribbean Islands, yet operational worldwide, since 2007. 


Preliminary Qualification:

The necessary information to give a price quote and write a pre-agreement/draft contract is:
1) Principal name, address, and contact information;
2) Specification of product with price, port of destination, terms of shipping and payment, and procedure; and,
3) Bank information with a letter of capability for the full payment of the purchase invoice (i.e., Irrevocable Line of Credit, Bank Guarantee, or Cash for full payment (100%) of the purchase invoice) from the buyer's bank to execute the initial order, OR bank information to pay the initial deposit of 25-50% (which is refundable if the specific product is not delivered at the port for initial inspection). NOTE: A lower deposit amount is possible if there is an existing relationship. 


Bank information includes:
1) Account holder's name;
2) Authorized account signatory/agent's name;
3) Address, telephone number, and email/website; and,
4) Full account number (if available); and,
5) Wire transfer codes.

NOTE: We are NOT able to write the purchase agreement/contract if the necessary information above is not provided by the buyer.

Procedure and Policy 

Our Products

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The Company

Cements, fertilizers (nitrogen and organic), foods and beverages (canned, dried, frozen and fresh fruits, herbs, juices, meats, seafoods, spices, vegetables and grains-bean, corn, rice, wheat, etc.), metals (aluminum, gold, iron/steel, etc.), oils / fuels (crude, diesel and ethanol), and consumer products (cars/trucks, cell phones, computers, clothes, generators, industrial machines, solar energy panels, textiles, etc.).

All of our transportation vehicles are insured and often 110% insured for product shipments by well-respected companies. The products and transportation vehicles (cargo ships, airplanes, trains, and trucks) are inspected and maintained worldwide and reviewed by our management and authorized personnel at on-site ports and storage facilities.    

Associates and Affiliates

We are always interested in growing relationships with potential associates and affiliates. We are constantly seeking professionals that are willing to learn and be productive in our operations. Even better, we are able to give more compensation to educated and experienced professionals. Please submit and resume for verification process and associate opportunity at and a response should be within 24 hours.

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